White Sulphur Springs
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Regional Climate

You’ve earned it. Choose where you live. Don’t battle bad weather like the ice and snow that trap you indoors. Forget about summers where the heat rises so thick the pavement seems to be frying.

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Enjoy year-round living at White Sulphur Springs in Mount Airy, NC, where the weather is just cool enough in winter and just warm enough in summer for…well, great, simple, stress-free living.

An average monthly rainfall of 3.5 inches provides plenty sunshine-filled days for exploring the local wineries, shopping at the nearby antique shops in Historic Downtown Mount Airy or simply napping in the hammock park on the front lawn.

Autumn brings a touch of cooler temperatures that make the leaves pop with brilliant yellows, reds and oranges. Mount Airy’s Autumn Leaves Festival celebrates the spectacular colors blanketing the North Carolina foothills and nearby Blue Ridge Mountains.

Golf whenever you like. The nearby courses are open year-round and even in the winter months, a warm sweater will usually be all you need to enjoy the day.

Like fishing? Trout waters are seasonal but the Ararat River is open all the time. The banks of the river, bordering the front lawn, are protected and undeveloped for residents and their guests to enjoy.

At White Sulphur Springs the mild, temperate climate beckons you to play, shop and explore the great outdoors - no matter what the season.

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