White Sulphur Springs
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The Spring House

The mineral-rich water at White Sulphur Springs was touted as a cure for many ailments, said to possess restorative powers. In 1895, the spring was described as “a limpid pool of water clear as crystal and pure as the dew of the morning. Around the side is a sediment - showing the presence of the white sulphur, which is the principal ingredient, but iron, magnesia and other minerals are present in sufficient quantity to justify the reputation of the spring as a very fountain of health.”

The springs still flows today and the mineral water is there to sample just beyond the edge of the Ararat River. The lattice spring house is long gone but the springs are still protected by a octagon-shaped, hewn granite enclosure. A new Spring House in Arts and Crafts style architecture is planned at the site.

Our mineral springs are prominently listed on Find A Spring. Feel free to sample our famous mineral-rich water that has flowed for decades from a spring beside the river.