White Sulphur Springs
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The Pavilion

An early 19th century description of the Pavilion said, “At the foot of the lawn, overlooking the river, is the dancing pavilion with its two thousand square feet of polished floor, easily accommodating half a hundred dancing couples. Every night – and oftentimes during the day – assemble here the young people of the Springs and take their fill of delight in that oldest and most popular of amusements. A fine orchestra furnished the music and overhead a cluster of electric globes sheds its soft luster over the merry scene, while, in the interludes there rises the gentle murmur of the river tumbling over its baby falls just below the pavilion.”

Near the original location of the dancing pavilion, a covered Pavilion is planned including a complete kitchen, two-sided fireplace, rest rooms and a fire pit with story-telling area. Once again the Pavilion will bring family and friends together for food, fun and maybe a little music and dancing, too.